Membership Catergories

INTERMEDIATE 1 - Ages 21-25. Incl. voting, golf and social privileges.
INTERMEDIATE 2 - Ages 26-27. Incl. voting, golf and social privileges.
RESIDENT 1 - Ages 28-39. Incl. voting, and golf course, social and recreational privileges. 
RESIDENT 2 - Ages 40+. Incl. voting, and golf course, social & recreational privileges.
SOCIAL LIMITED GOLF- Ages 21+. Incl. three 18-hole rounds/month; one with free greens fees.  Playing times are limited.  Includes access to all facilities.
SOCIAL NON-GOLF - Ages 21+. Access to all club facilities except the golf course.

Families of Resident Member's may join in the following categories:   

FAMILY - Spouses or spouse equivalants of resident members.
JUNIOR - Dependent children ages 13-20 who are of a resident member's household.


Other discounts or incentives may be available as authorized by the Board of Directors.

Members who wish to upgrade their status from social to resident receive credit for any initiation fee they have already paid.

All membership classes also pay a monthly Capital Improvement Surcharge.

Juniors who wish to upgrade to an Intermediate Member do not have to pay an Initiation Fee.